Working With Capital Ways

Research advisory requirements and Market trends are ever evolving. Unlike a decade ago when very few Investors dominated the market, today, the scalability and affordability in such options brings us to the age of an unprecedented amount of development. A combination of Research and Investment creates an exponential demand for Investors and puts organizations such as ours in an environment marked by hyper competition for the best resources with finite pool of candidates.
First and foremost, we acknowledge and state this upfront because we realize we are privileged to have you join as a member of our organization. Furthermore, we also realize that like all long-term relationship, beyond the issue of mere recruiting the best, we have to put our best effort to retain the valued members of our organization.

CapitalWays Culture

No matter what your profession is at capital ways, you'll find that your opinions are respected and your contributions highly valued. We have an open, non-hierarchical culture where your individual efforts are important to the global team. We know the entire company will become more successful if you are motivated and inspired.

Our Business Ethics

The Capital Ways (CW) Code of Business Conduct sets the standard for the way we do business. The code promotes:

  • Honest and ethical conduct, including ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional interests.
  • Full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports and documents.
  • Protection of confidential and proprietary information about Capital Ways, our employees, contractors, customers, partners and vendors.
  • Compliance with applicable governmental directives, laws, rules and regulations.

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Our Offerings

Our organization offers a variety of paths for growth. Our professionals are assigned on a mix of different opportunities where based on skills, opportunity and the candidate's desire, the following set of areas are available:

  • Research Department
  • Operation Department
  • Human Resource Department
  • Administration Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Sales Department
  • E-Marketing Department

What we offer as a package is not limited to simply a periodic compensation but very much tied to the ongoing needs of our employees.

  • Market-competitive compensation
  • Paid vacation
  • Performance based Benefits

Organization Culture

At Capital ways Organization Culture, we truly believe in our employees. We strive to continuously develop and engage all Capital Ways employees in the company. Our employees play an important role in serving our internal and external Clients. No matter what their position, no matter what their location, our employees are integral to Capital Ways success.

Employee Training & Development

We need each employee to be effective in delivering the services that the client needs. This can only be achieved by marshalling years or experience and education into the single objective.

Value & Recognition

We guarantee highest motivation levels at CW, through competitive compensation packages, world class benefits program, stimulating job content, and outstanding development opportunities.

The various ways in which CAPITAL WAYS recognizes its people are listed below:

  • Recognition of star performers - to recognize outstanding talent and rewarding them
  • Performance-based increments - to recognize outstanding achievers
  • Long-service awards - to build organizational loyalty and motivation

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